Become a Coach

Twice a Month - 60-minute coaching session
Unlimited access and support via email
Free copy of  The Daily Gratitude Journal.


Once a Month - 60-minute coaching session
One daily e-mail for access and support
Free copy of  The Daily Gratitude Journal.


Coaching Group
Twice a Month - 60-minute coaching sessions
Free copy of  The Daily Gratitude Journal.
A Full 4 month program


Personal trainer for your brain:

People reach out to me when they get stuck with significant life issues, and understand a personal coach can get them moving again. It’s a bit like a personal trainer for your brain.


Shorten the learning curve:

By listening very carefully to the issues, we can make an assessment and begin to ask powerful questions, I can help you shorten the learning curve.  Accountability from one session to the next is also essential to maintain positive momentum.

Accelerate your progress:

With regularly scheduled sessions throughout the month, my coaching clients keep moving at a faster pace than they would on their own.


People with goals to

  • Write a book

  • Become a speaker

  • Become coach

  • Get a new job

...have also benefited from coaching support. Most of my clients are very like-minded in their desire to make an impact and give support to others.


Customized program:

As we get started, you will receive a thorough assessment of your particular needs and desires. We then design a customized program tailored for your particular trajectory.


Bringing out the best:

I have been an author, speaker, and workshop facilitator for over 30 years. Having managed thousands of people in Fortune 100 companies, I have a lifetime of experience in bringing out the best in people.


If you have the desire, I can give you the tools to forge a successful journey to your goals, passion and purpose.

That Gratitude Guy David George Brooke -

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